6 Day build your own rocking chair class with Fred

6 Day build your own rocking chair class with Fred

Another build your own rocking chair couse comes to an end, here you can see some pictures of the 6 days we spend in my shop. From picking the raw lumber to a beautiful custom rocking chair which needs some shaping and sanding. Always a great time with lot’s of work being put in each 10 hour day.

Black walnut raw lumber spab

Here we begin by choosing our lumber, we start typically in the raw slab form. Most lumber is locally sourced through small saw mills & tree service companys. This is Canadian Black Walnut

jointing black walnut lumber

After rough cutting to length the boards have to have some flat faces, with the jointer we can create a smooth face and edge at 90 degrees

IMG 4127

The coopered headrest comes from a single piece which gets cut into smaller pieces then glued together but coopered like a barrel

hand shaping seat kutzall grinder

Grinding the seat with a coarse Kutzall carbide shaping wheel

rocking chair arm coving table saw

Giving the arms some shape with a tapered cove made on the table saw

hand sculpting kutzall carbide

Adding a tapered chamfer by hand using a kutzall sculpting wheel

rocking chair leg layout

Laying out the front legs

rocking chair front leg layout

Rocking chair legs being traced from templates

trimming headrest to size on the table saw

Trimming headrest to size on the table saw

IMG 4150

The headrest was cut and glued together coopered like a barrel to allow use to have a deep sweeping curve, now we can cut out the final sized headrest

bandsaw coopered headrest

Follow the lines carefully!

build your own custom rocking chair progress

We’ve made some progress on our custom rocking chairs!

bent lamination rocking chair rockers

Here we are adding the “stacks” which will give use the fair smooth transitions from the rocker to the legs

coopered headrest 6 degree splay

Trimming the coopered headrest to fit between the rears legs

fitting headrest rocking chair walnut

Easy does it, very close now maybe a little more still to trim

Pre drilling holes in the rocker

Pre drilling holes in the rocker to attache to the legs, Fred was impressed my the built in light in the drill press. 

rocking chair build day 5

This is a 1 on 1 course where I build a chair while I describe and do what we need to do at each step then you proceed to do the same. This time around Fred beat me to to this step…… The first sit! Finally after about 50 hours of work we get to sit in our chairs for the first time. My rocking chair is on the left, Fred is enjoying his.

build you own rocking chair class

A Job well done! This was my 6 day build your own rocking chair course. You will leave with a beautiful rocking chair that needs all the sanding and some shaping.