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Bandsaw resaw - Black Canadian Walnut

Here is another video in our time lapse woodworking series, this time around I’m re-sawing a 13’’ 8/4 solid Canadian Black Walnut board about 33’’ long into 4 pieces that need to end up 3/8’’ thick. These will be the panels in a frame and panel center divider for a shelving unit we’re building for a display for a local store.

First I throw on a new blade, I’m just using a 3/8’’ blade from our local band saw blade place called R&D Band saw supply they have great specials all the time…... ( maybe not so special ) LOL seriously though great prices for blades that cut like a dream.

After the tension is set correctly, I install the fence to the saw and set the thickness of cut, this is very easy to do because this fence has a nice micro adjust handle that allows 1/64’’ per turn of adjustment. I’ve added 2 pieces of mdf to create a taller fence I think about 8’’, to my surprise it has held up very well all I do is apply a coat of paste wax once in a while to repel moisture and give it a smooth surface to slide against.

Custom Chaise Lounge - 3 Tier Pedestal Table


Here is a table that is currently on the drawing board we are waiting to hear the go ahead. I think it will be a very unique piece that will be really fun to build. Yes i'm already picturing the many hours of sanding but it's always worth it in the end.



Here are some pieces for our chaise lounger that were designing. This idea has been kicking around for a while now and it's finally starting to come together.

Here is the side layout, some parts cut out of Canadian Black Walnut and some still in the template phase.


DSC_3238A little further along now, the rockers have been roughed out.

The stacks have now been added the the rockers and the rear pieces added, with out the front pieces it's sitting a little far back, hopefully the balance will work out.

I made a time lapse of my self spinning the chair, hope you enjoy.

Custom wooden rocking chair - photo shoot

I've had a busy day, we are working on a new design so it's been more of a day of figuring then building. Although we did have some time to take some pictures of our most recently completed custom wooden rocking chair. Here are a few pictures, please take at the rocking chair gallery page for more detailed pictures.

This chair is built from solid Canadian Black Walnut and we used a special piece of beautiful curly Walnut for the flexible back braces. This walnut has a particular dark colour that really popped the grain when our 3 part hand rubbed oil finish was applied. 

custom wooden rocking chair curly walnut

custom wooden rocking chair arm grain

custom wooden canadian rocking chair

Custom Wooden Bar Table Design and Fabrication - Day 2

Another busy day in the shop, with the snow flying I spent a good amount of time cleaning our drive way and cleaning and shovelling over at my grandmas. So that meant it would be a late night of assembly, sanding and some more sanding! 

Have a look at Custom Wooden Bar Table Design and Fabrication - Day 1

rough assembled bar table jointThe previous day we glued up the joints that attach the 3 pieces that make up the leg sections.

sanded miter joint

rough rounding centre pedstal

custom centre pedestal glue up

sanded buffed walnut custom wood table top

rough tung and groove joint

hand shapped rasp

sanded transtion tung and groove post

sanded walnut pedestal

The next step is rough sanding to smooth the joint and remove the excess glue. We leave a little extra meat at the joint location and smooth the transition with a spindle sander after glue up.

Next we rough shape the edges at our router table.

Alright were ready to glue up the sections to the main centre pedestal. 

By saving the cutoffs from the centre sections the glue up is a breeze.

They act as cauls to give the clamps a flat clamping surface that evenly distributes the clamping pressure.

Custom Wooden Bar Table Design and Fabrication

Since we just finished another rocking chair the other day, I thought it a good idea to spend some time to design a new piece. So I decided to have at it, and design a custom bar table to go along with our bar stools. It will be a single centre pedestal with a top 34'' in diameter and about 38'' high.

routing cove center pedstal table

maloof tung and groove joint

custom designed bar table templatesHere is the centre post that is at the heart of the pedestal, it has been dressed to size, had a dado cut into it on all four sides and the corners have been sculpted with a 3/4'' cove bit.

custom wooden bar table rough blanks

custom bat table parts

custom walnut bar table pedestal

custom wooden walnut bar table

The is a shot of the end of the post, you can see the 1/2'' x 3/4'' tung and groove joint.

You can see how the coved corners flow into the soon to be added section to the pedestal. 

Because of how the centre post is designed not only is there minimal sanding  required( good for us) and it will never come apart ( good for you )

These are the templates we designed for the table, with these 3 pieces and a few measurements we're able to build a beautiful table built to last a lifetime.

Dining chair design - Cutting boards - Curly walnut!

end grain cutting board

We've made a few cutting boards lately. 

Both of these boards are built using Maple, Paduak and Walnut, the designs are slightly different

end grain cutting boardThis board has been sanded up to 500grit and polished with a sheeps wool pad, man can you get end grain crazy shiny even with out finish.

We apply RAW Linseed oil to our boards, food safe and easy to re-apply. I find you don't have to re-apply as often when compared to mineral oil another common used finish for cutting boards

custom wooden dining chair prototype

This is our second version of the a dining chair we've been hard at work designing for comfort, strength and to please the eye.

We've adjusted a few different parts. First the seat was made a tad bit more narrow, adjusted the legs to be a little more fluid and created a more up right seating position.

custom wooden bent laminated back braces

These are the back braces for the dining chair pictured above.

 I wish the chair was already sanded to perfection like these pieces

New addition! - Custom wooden bar stool

Here are a pair of custom wooden Maloof style bar stools we have recently adapted from our Contemporary Bar Stool  we build. We basically removed the arms, but it's all in the details which needed to be adjusted for style and strength. We have cut the top of the front legs off and sanded them smooth to the seat, the front Maloof joint was built using a notch the is 1.25'' deep to allow the leg to be flush with the side of the seat which is incredibly strong and now became even more part of the style of this custom wooden stool design.

Walnut custom woodenmaloof bar stool

Side maloof wooden bar stool custom

beautiful walnut grain maloof bar stoolHere is the side shot of or newest design a  custom wooden bar stool. 

Notice the tight and sculpted joints, the contrasting Ebony plugs which each cover a 4'' screw which we like to call a wooden dowel.

You can also really see the depth of the carving to create a custom wooden stool you'll never want to get out of.

From the top you can really see the contrast between the end grain of the top of the front legs to the seat.