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Walnut & Bubinga Bar, Wall Panelling, Oh my!

Well i've had a fun ride with the opportunity I was recently asked to tackle by a client. This is Daves bar and I can guarantee there is no other alike.

It all started while a good friend of mine was beginning a basement renovation job, I got a call to dicuss the layout of a wet bar, wall panelling and glass shelves using something unique. So off to the lumber store we went and came back with a beautiful piece of Bubinga. When I say piece of Bubinga, I mean a massive piece of wood! It was huge! At 17 feet long 3'' thick about 32 to 30 inches wide, live edge both sides.

Follow along as I build this beautiful Bubinga and Walnut wet bar, at the bottom of the page there are a few youtube videos of mine relating to the construction of this bar. You'll also find a gallery at the bottom of this page to show you many shots of the finished bar

raw live edge bubinga slab

Picking up the Bubinga timber 

unloading bubinga live edge slab

Unloading live edge bubinga slab in workshop

beautiful walnut veneer

Walnut veneered panels to be used for cabinet structure

walnut veneer cabinet

First pieces created and edge banded with solid Walnut

test fitting walnut bar cabinets

Testing fit

solid walnut

Starting to wrap the bar in solid Walnut and Bubinga

solid walnut wine rack

The Beginning of the wine rack, thanks to the Festool domino

veneer bubinga panel

A beautiful piece of bubinga to be used as a panel

walnut bubinga bar

Moving along well, most of the wrap is complete

walnut live edge bar template

Layout with top templates

live edge template bubinga

Getting ready to cut out the pieces for the top

jointing live edge bubinga

Flattening a piece of Bubinga 90'' long, 3'' think and about 16-24'' wide

live edge bubinga bar top miter joint

Flatened and miter joint cut

walnut bubinga bar counter

Test fitting the lower counter, bubinga wrapped in solid Walnut

live edge bobbing miter festal domino floating tenon

Floating tennons will be used to make sure this joint never comes apart

walnut bubinga live edge counter bar

One more test fitting before, more shaping and sanding and finishing

oil varnish finish counter bubinga veneer

Wipe on Wipe off oil finish being applied before bar top epoxy

gluing live edge miter joint

Glueing miter joint

beautiful walnut bubinga bar

Yet another test fitting

beautiful bubinga miter joint live edge bar top

sanded and finished with my oil/resin finish before getting it's protective epoxy coat

bubinga epoxy system three walnut counter

System Three Mirror Coat now applied

bar top epoxy counter sink

Sink being test fit

bar top epoxy system three

Bar top epoxy now applied and polished to perfection!

walnut bubinga wall panel

Time for some wall panelling, with a live edge chair rail

bubinga live edge chair rail

Soon to be live edge chair rail

vacuums bag bubinga crown moulding

Custom cove crown moulding being veneered with Bubinga in vacuums bag

live edge bubinga chair rail thick

Chair rail with oil/resin finish

testing wall panel bubinga walnut

Test fitting live edge chair rail

wine glass cabinet walnut bubinga

rear cabinet with glass holder and adjustable shelves

polish epoxy bar top mothers festal

Polishing bar top epoxy

bubinga walnut bar live edge sink tap

The final product installed but not done yet

custom bubinga crown moulding

Custom Walnut & Bublinga crown moulding

walnut bubinga live edge bar

All finished just waiting on mirrors and glass shelves

walnut bar stools live edge bar

Have a seat!

walnut bubinga bar stool live edge

Off the the LCBO to stock up!

Click on thumbnails below for shots of the completed live edge bar and wall paneling