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In the wood shop today #4

In this update of what I’m working on in my wood shop I give a quick walk through with a little discussion of the pieces.

I start by showing my most recent finished coffee table which has a book matched live edge curly walnut top with my maloof inspired trestle table base, all from solid 2’’ walnut.

I’m also working on a pair of my musicians chair, I’ve built a prototype and after lot’s of time sitting and playing guitar I’ve become satisfied with most of the details, I’m making a few adjustments to the new version but mostly cosmetic.

I have a large walnut rocking chair I’ve been working on for a little while, but I’m waiting for a part for my die grinder which I feel like I’ve been waiting forever!

I have a finished cafe table which turned out beautifully

Thanks again for having a look, always a pleasure to share.

Timelapse Woodworking - Applying oil/resin finish to live edge bookmatched curly walnut coffee table

In this video, I'm applying my hand rubbed oil/resin finish to my coffee table top that i've recently finished. This top was created by resawing a 2'' thick live edge piece of Canadian black walnut. By cutting the board in half I create 2 boards that have a matched grain, when I fold the boards open like a book i'm left with 2 beautifully book matched boards featuring some really amazing grain and colours. 

Thats just the beginning, I then have to dress the wood and glue the pieces together, then attach the bottom section to the underside after finish sanding the 2 pieces. Once that's done I can finish sand the top and give the side a quick touch with a 500grit abralon sanding disc to break the edges and remove the grit on the live edge.

I hope you enjoy the video, application time took about 10 minutes and I let it soak for about 30 minutes before wiping off the remaining finish then I let it cure for 48 hours then I can continue to apply more coats till i'm satisfied.

Shaping rockers and gluing up headrest

I've moved on to shaping the rockers for the custom wood rocking chair i'm working on right now, I've already cut out the laminations, glued them up on the form and I've cleaned up all the glue.  I then marked the locations of the legs where they will attach to the rockers. I'm then able to clean up a nice fair curve from the rocker to the leg. Once i've done all that I clean up most machine marks using my spindle sander and 6'' disc sander.


I'm routing the to edges of the rockers with a 3/4'' round over bit, the width of the rocker is about 1.5'' so a 3/4'' round over bit set just a hair low in my router table gives a very nice edge.


The solid walnut rockers that were created using bent lamination have now been rough shaped with my router table, it's a pretty simple operation but i'm usually sweating while I do it because when you have a piece of metal spinning at 22,000rpm and your using it to shape wood, anything could happen. But as long as you observe proper safety rules yo will be safe, but there always a chance a piece of wood could chip away or catch is a certain way to surprise you, so always be aware of where your hands are and always have 100% attention on what your doing.