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Stop motion video - Walnut 3 tier shelf

I had a little fun with an idea I had to take some pictures of a recently completed project. This is a 3 tier walnut stand that is used to display product in a local store Macmillians Gourmet Food and Fundraising

I picked up a few cases of the types of product that would be displayed on the stand. I would take a picture then add a jar then take another picture, I used Quicktime 7 to make a video of the image sequence, then I-movie to add sound and pictures with a little voice over at the end.

I wish I would have taken a couple shots of each product by its self on the shelf, I think I could have played with the video and made it a little more fun and interesting. I finish up with a few pictures of the step by step fabrication process from lathe turning to finishing.

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walnut shelt turned lathe
walnut shelt turned lathe sanded 1000gritcanadian black walnut maloof 3 shelfwalnut maloof style table leg jointswalnut 3 tier maloof inspired display standwalnut 3 tier stand with display product


In the wood shop today #5

An update on the projects I'm currently working on in my custom wood working shop. I specialize in organic style furniture chairs and tables. Thanks for having a look hope you enjoy!

The interior defense dines under the sabotage.       

Shaping chair legs with router table

Here I'm shaping the legs to my musicians chair, using a router table with a 1/2'' round over bit mounted in it.