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Cocobolo custom wood rocking chair - Day 1 & 2

rough cocobolo lumberrouch cocobolo timber
band saw cocobolo rocking chair seat
book matched cocobolo beautiful grainjointed and planed cocobolorocking chair back brace laminations center wedge for custom rocking chair seat book matched cocobolo rocking seat cocobolo rocking chair glue up
bent laminations rocking chair back braces
IMG 0956 IMG 0999
DSC 6514
DSC 6517 DSC 6520
DSC 6521
DSC 6522
DSC 6526
DSC 6528
DSC 6529
DSC 6532
DSC 6537
DSC 6538
IMG 1016
IMG 1017
IMG 1019
IMG 1020
DSC 6540
DSC 6542
DSC 6543
DSC 6544
DSC 6545
DSC 6546
DSC 6550 DSC 6572 DSC 6574 DSC 6575 DSC 6577
DSC 6584 DSC 6588 DSC 6589 DSC 6597 DSC 6602 DSC 6610 DSC 6615 DSC 6618 DSC 6620 DSC 6625
DSC 6629 DSC 6635 DSC 6637


DSC 6644IMG 1040

View the finished Cocobolo Rocking chair 


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Big & Flat Live Edge Breadboard Table

leveling table straight edge

Here is Kevin working on the table top for a soon to be assembled dining table for the Milton fire department. Kevin is making the table surfaces perfectly flat using some good old fashioned hand planning using a bevel up jointer plane.

veritas hand plane flatten table top

Getting closer but keep going, what your tired? Nah come on you can do it your so close, your the one that wanted to makes such a large table!

The lumber for this table top has been air drying in a local barn for the past 15 years, the centre board is Canadian Black Cherry with 2 Red Oak boards on the sides. 

The table will have Cherry breadboard ends that we plan to leave the live edge on.

steel embeded into table underside

We planned to embed 3 steel rails in the underside of this table, so after making the table flat Kevin begins the process of creating the rather large mortis where the 1'' x 3'' square steel tube will sit, they will be flush with the bottom.

We do this using a template and a router bit with a guide bearing that will cut the exact shape as the template into the bottom of the table.

Walnut & Old Growth Southern Yellow Pine Wood Rocking Chair Build

rocking chair lumber selection rocking chair walnut seat blank rocking chair hand plane seat joint rocking chair leg template layout
rocking chair bandsaw leg
rocking chair souther yellow pine back brace blank
rocking chair walnut rough blanks
rocking chair bent lamination glue up
rocking chair coopered headrest
rocking chair back brace laminations
rocking chair hand plane headrest glue up
rocking chair making a maloof joint
rocking chair routing out back brace holes
rocking chair hand grinding wanut maloof seat
rocking chair bent lamination back braces
rocking chair walnut maloof seat sanded 1000 grit
rocking chair rear legs glue up
rocking chair front leg work
rocking chair front leg glue clamp
rocking chair cutting headrest radius
rocking chair headrest rough shaped
rocking chair flexible back braces
rocking chair southern yellow pine
rocking chair first coat of finish applied
rocking chair oil hand rubbed finish
rocking chair photo booth walnut
rocking chair rear photo booth
rocking chair seat pommel detail

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