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Walnut dinning room pedestal table - Day 3

After routing the edges best we could, we first glue the two leg sections to the centre main post. 

DSC_2672We use a tung and groove joint to attach the sections, so the glue up goes rather smoothly. Just apply a copious amount of glue and clamp until you can't clamp anymore.


Next we glue the other two sections to the centre post, again apply as much clamp pressure as we need.




DSC_2690Here is the pedestal all glue up ready for many hours of shaping and sanding.

Here is a close up of the tung and groove joints we use to attach the leg sections.

Here are the 2 sections that will create our 50'' circular table top. 

The top will seperate to accept 2 12'' leaves.

This is our circle cutting jig we use on our band saw, we can place a pivot any where along the centre line to cut any size circle.

We also had a photo shoot for our newest Sculpted trestle coffee table below i've attached a few pictures.

Walnut dinning room pedestal table - Day 2

Another day done, with lot's accomplished on the custom wooden pedestal table we're feeling pretty good. It's really nice seeing a new design come together, figuring out the details along the way. Today began by clamping the rest of the blanks together to create 4'' thick stock.

bandsaw walnut table leg

glued up 45 degree miter

smoother miter jointHere Joel is cutting along a line traced from the main templates.

Now because we have a 10'' table saw the blade height is 3'', which makes it kinda hard to cut a 4'' miter joint. So we cut the miter joint before we glued out blanks. With a near perfect glue up there is not much work with the smoothing plane.

Here is the joint after a little work with the hand plane.... smooth as a babys arse!!

hand planing stock for glue up

A few hours with the hand planes and we have some perfect joints ready for glue up.

parts for custom pedestal table

custom pedestal center

custom pedestal table center post

table leg build outs

first look custom pedestal table

Here's all the pieces laid out, ready for

These are the centre sections of the pedestal cut to shape about ready for glue up.

Walnut dinning room pedestal table

This will be one solid table! The centre post will be close to 12'' at its maximum diameter. The entire table will be built from Walnut expect for the hard Maple sliding dovetail runners that will allow the top to have 2 12'' leafs added to extend the table. So far the top will be 1.5'' thick and with a 52'' diameter and like I said will separate to allow 2 12'' extension leafs.   Oh and I did't mention the leg section will be about 4'' thick!

custom dining table templates

In the first picture here, it shows our templates we designed to create our pedestal table base.

rough blanks with templates

maloof style pedestal table joints

glue up

clamping stock

pedestal table rough layout with templatesHere the lumber has been dressed and cut to rough blanks, I have laid out the templates of each piece.

Next we cut the joints on our table saw using our miter jig, with a forrest blade designed for precession fine cross cutting we can achieve a very clean edge...... but of course we will clean it up by hand with a hand plane.

The stock is 2'' thick, we want our legs section to be 4'' thick, so we must laminate 2 pieces together to come to our final thickness.

Company logo design ideas

Okay so we really have to decide on some type of logo that we will be carving into the pieces we build and also use on our site and business cards etc…. 

Now even though I can pretty much build anything, my drawing skills are not par for the course. So these were drawn by a friend of mine who is constantly drawing on his I-phone amazing drawings and sketches we keep telling him he should get into tattooing. I can say i've learned what cross hatching is after listening to him, but still I draw a circle and it comes out like a square.

custom rocking chair logo design

Maybe some one reading this is an artist or some type of graphic designer that has a few minutes to design us up a little something. My only issues is that I feel like I want it to be flowing in an organic way, so that's one reason I'm not jumping for joy over these, except the tree idea.

If you out there come up with something please e-mail it to

Custom engraved foot stool process - Wedding gift

Our latest chair is going to be a wedding gift, we've been holding off posting details about the engraving we had done on both the foot stool and rocking chair.

We had something special craved into the bottom of the seat. First we start with the test piece.........

What you see here is a piece of plywood we had cnc routed into with this design. Then we collected some Ebony sawdust mixed it with epoxy and filled the routed area, sanded smooth. We thought it looked great but decided to use Paduk sawdust for the colouring for the heart.


This is the foot stool that has been cnc'd and filled with epoxy.  Notice the difference in color from the ebony and paduk saw dust.


Now some sanding has taken place, although it looks pretty good, there is much sanding to do especially on the right side. Notice the font for the date has been adjusted to a more flowing font.

sanded epoxy filled cnc engraving

With our hand rubbed oil finish applied I decided to snap a few photo's of the finished stool.

Custom double wooden rocking chair - Photo shoot

Well today we spent most of the day setting up, a better set up photo area. We use a white paper roll that is 109'' wide and we just pull the paper out hand the roll and put a piece of plywood under the paper. We constructed a 2x4 cage around the whole area with mounting for numerous lights. This was the first time shooting with this new setup, i'm sure the photos will improve but I think they turned out pretty good.You view all the photos of this  custom double wooden rocking chair hereDSC_2419

In the photo below you can really see the swoop of the coopered headrest, which is the main feature that adds to the overall comfort of this chair.


Our rocker shape has evolved with every rocking chair we've made and I feel like each one is unique and beautiful, but I think this latest custom wooden rocking chair takes the cake!


The above photo really shows the unique grain pattern the quarter sawn lace wood has to offer, although the widest pieces we could find were 6'' as long as we pay special attention to the initial layout we can create some very beautiful layouts. We also choose to hand plane every joint creating a nearly and sometime completly invisible joint.