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Cocobolo custom wood rocking chair - Day 3 & 4

DSC 6659

I've now glued up the headrest billets which have a angle on their edges so when glued up the form a curve with a radius approximately 29.5''

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These pieces have been cut out of a specially selected piece of lumber to match the seat grain.

DSC 6661

I'm working on 2 wood working chairs right now, so I'm able to show you a head rest before and after at the same time. I would need a piece of wood 4'' thick but by doing a coopered headrest I save lots of waste and I get some beautiful grain matching choices to the legs and set.

Here i'm using a vacuum press to glue up the 3 pieces that make up the seat, this chair has a 1'' thick piece of Cocobolo in the centre with a 1/2'' of walnut top and bottom.

DSC 6669
DSC 6670

Here we can see the 3 pieces sandwiched together under pressure of about 1700psi, I use a slow setting plastic resin glue so I keep the seat in the press for about 12-18 hours to ensure a solid prefect nearly invisible glue joint.