Canadian Woodworks at the 2013 One of a kind show

Canadian Woodworks at the 2013 One of a kind show

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Once again the Christmas One of a kind show at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has come and gone! I always seem to find my self working very long days late into the evenings juggling my client orders with my booth pieces and planning. This year was no different, especially because I doubled the size of my booth to a 10’ x 20’. I decided to apply what i’ve learned from previous shows to improve my setup/takedown and organization of my handmade furniture.

one of a kind show handmade solid wood furniture

This year I built my entire booth inside my work show, I built hard walls which I painted white, and numbered for easy take down and setup. I also made a major change to a vinyl “hardwood” looking floor, thankfully it came in just days before the show. To put the floor down was quick and easy just unroll and apply double sided carpet tape. It worked and looked great!

one of a kind show heirloom trestle table

With all my pieces completed it was time for the move in, I spent the morning loading my pieces into the trailer knowing I would just have to unload in a few hours to begin the setup….. this is going to be a long day I thought.

Once I made it down to the show loading docks with my helpers things went quickly! We had my entire booth setup in under 2 hours, floor, walls, lighting and of course all my pieces strategically placed inside my booth. I’d like to thank my helpers Andy and Chantel from Urbanfizz, Murry a good friend and of course my beautiful girlfriend Aimee Burns with out there help I’d be lost!

ooak 2013 christmas hard wall furniture handmade booth
rocking chair testers enjoying 2013 christmas one of a kind show canadian woodworks

Once setup was done, all we could do is wait for opening day. Which of course came and went then faded into move out day. All in all I had a great One of a kind show. I love being able to show off my pieces, not just visually but having thousands of people sit and feel them. 

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My solid wood hand made rocking chairs really have to be experienced to understand how comfortable they are to sit in. Having the different rocking chair sizes available at the same time is great, watching people sit in one just to get up and try the one beside, then deciding which chair sits the best for them.

I want to thank all the other exhibitors who came by to wish me luck, and rest there feet. Thank you to the crowds of people sitting in my chairs, DEMANDING that people walking by must try all of my chairs and to my delight you almost always did. I want to thank my new clients I met at the show. I had a successful 2013 Christmas One of a kind show , looking forward to getting back into my work shop.

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