Custom engraved foot stool process - Wedding gift

Custom engraved foot stool process - Wedding gift

Our latest chair is going to be a wedding gift, we've been holding off posting details about the engraving we had done on both the foot stool and rocking chair.

We had something special craved into the bottom of the seat. First we start with the test piece.........

What you see here is a piece of plywood we had cnc routed into with this design. Then we collected some Ebony sawdust mixed it with epoxy and filled the routed area, sanded smooth. We thought it looked great but decided to use Paduk sawdust for the colouring for the heart.


This is the foot stool that has been cnc'd and filled with epoxy.  Notice the difference in color from the ebony and paduk saw dust.


Now some sanding has taken place, although it looks pretty good, there is much sanding to do especially on the right side. Notice the font for the date has been adjusted to a more flowing font.

sanded epoxy filled cnc engraving

With our hand rubbed oil finish applied I decided to snap a few photo's of the finished stool.

wooden rocking chair foot rest

cnc carved epoxy filled foot stool

Close up of cnc engravings

cnc carved foot stool

Custom double wooden rocking chair with matching foot stool, with matching cnc engravings.

custom double rocking chair foot stool