customg rocking chair - logo design

Company logo design ideas

Okay so we really have to decide on some type of logo that we will be carving into the pieces we build and also use on our site and business cards etc…. 

Now even though I can pretty much build anything, my drawing skills are not par for the course. So these were drawn by a friend of mine who is constantly drawing on his I-phone amazing drawings and sketches we keep telling him he should get into tattooing. I can say i've learned what cross hatching is after listening to him, but still I draw a circle and it comes out like a square.

custom rocking chair logo design

Maybe some one reading this is an artist or some type of graphic designer that has a few minutes to design us up a little something. My only issues is that I feel like I want it to be flowing in an organic way, so that's one reason I'm not jumping for joy over these, except the tree idea.

If you out there come up with something please e-mail it to

So that's that pretty quick post, basically we've been busy finishing up 2 large rocking chairs with Ebony back brace highlights.