Custom Walnut dinning room pedestal table

Walnut dinning room pedestal table

This will be one solid table! The centre post will be close to 12'' at its maximum diameter. The entire table will be built from Walnut expect for the hard Maple sliding dovetail runners that will allow the top to have 2 12'' leafs added to extend the table. So far the top will be 1.5'' thick and with a 52'' diameter and like I said will separate to allow 2 12'' extension leafs.   Oh and I did't mention the leg section will be about 4'' thick!

custom dining table templates

In the first picture here, it shows our templates we designed to create our pedestal table base.

rough blanks with templates

maloof style pedestal table joints

glue up

clamping stock

pedestal table rough layout with templatesHere the lumber has been dressed and cut to rough blanks, I have laid out the templates of each piece.

Next we cut the joints on our table saw using our miter jig, with a forrest blade designed for precession fine cross cutting we can achieve a very clean edge...... but of course we will clean it up by hand with a hand plane.

The stock is 2'' thick, we want our legs section to be 4'' thick, so we must laminate 2 pieces together to come to our final thickness.

Have you ever tried to glue 2 large faces together? Slippery!!! They want to jimmy in every direction. A little tip from David Marks is to tap in a brad nail and cut it off. When the boards are clamped together they stay put.

Notice our clamp wall has just one single lonely clamp just hanging around. People say wow you have so many clamps, but I must say this is one time we could use a bunch more! 

Oh well something to do first thing in the morning while sipping my wake up coffee.

Here are the blanks laid out almost how they will be. The leg section will have a 1.5'' tung the will slip inside a dado on the centre post.

That's all for today, we also have 2 custom wooden rocking chairs on the go but getting to the final stages. At least we've attached the rockers to both of them so Joel and I can have a break give them a good test sit. Ever time we sit in a newly assembled rocking chair we remember why we work so hard, once you have this chair you won't give it up, so it better last for life!