Custom wooden rocking chair gallery - Made in Canada

Rocking Chairs

Rocking chair no.1

The rocking chair no.1 is what I believe to be the most beautiful rocking chair and the most comfortable rocking chair in the world! I achieve this not by reinventing the wheel but by using a design that has been refined for the past 20 years by Hal Taylor, a chair maker and teacher from Hartwood, Virginia. 

This chair has flexible back braces that not only conform to your back, they can rotate slightly if you reach for a glass or cross your legs, in effect the chair becomes part of you. The chair comes in 8 different sizes as well as any type of wood you would like, although I do prefer a friendly and warm wood from the Canadian Black Walnut tree.

Rocking chair no.2

The rocking chair no.2 design developed based off the Inspiration rocking chair, but with a more Maloof inspired style. This style is brought to life by having the legs extend past the headrest and creating a downward curved headrest.

Rocking chair no.3

Double rocking chairs:

Why my custom wood rocking chairs are so comfortable :

The refined design spanning 16 years is why the wooden Inspiration rocking chair is as comfortable and beautiful as it is. Available in 8 sizes the Inspiration custom rocking chair is designed to adapt to you.

rocking chair grain matched zebrawood

With the use of bent lamination we are able to create a very strong yet flexible wooden back brace, that contours to your specific back in any seating position.

Using this type of construction means we use 4 layers of wood 2.29mm thick to produce the desired curved back brace. 

This not only creates a very strong back brace that remains flexible, we're also able to grain match the front and rear with the most beautiful wood nature has to offer.

The headrest is coopered to create a large radius unique to this chair and not possible without the coopering process.

The arms are sculpted to cradle your arms.

The seat is hand sculpted for comfort and style, the use of a 2 or 3 board seat allows us to show off natures beautiful grains, patterns and colours.

When you have a seat for the first time in any of our custom wooden rocking chairs  you'll find your hands explore the smoothness while your body welcomes the comfort. The chair invites you to experience the feel of a hand made object, one-of-a-kind.