Inspiration 2.0 - Walnut Zebrawood custom rocking chair

Walnut & Zebrawood

This sculpted rocking chair is built from 2'' Canadian Black Walnut accented with Ebony plugs. This is a medium version ( 5' 7'' - 5' 11'' ). This chair has 2 unique features that make it stand out even next to one of our other rocking chairs. 

First the leg/headrest design borrows more form the Maloof design with legs extending like horns and with a more stylized bottom curve to the headrest but still using a coopered headrest to keep the grain lines matched to the seat and arms.

Second we used a beautiful piece of Zebra wood, sliced it into 2.29mm thick grain matched pieces and used it as the rear lamination to add a very unique contrast to the Walnut.


- form fitting flexible back braces

- coopered headrest

- exposed Maloof joinery

- hand carved seat, arms, and joints

- Beautiful Zebra wood highlighted back braces

This chair is currently available please enquire if your interested