custom rocking chairs woodworking videos


Have a look at what we've been up to with out time lapse custom woodworking videos, we have them hosted on youtube, most are available in HD so you can select 720p to watch in full resolution.

Black White Ebony rocking chair oil finish time lapse application

Watch as I apply my oil/poly finish to a sculpted rocking chair built from Canadian Black Walnut highlighted on the back supports with Black and White Ebony.

Music by : Brull - Redwood

Build your own rocking chair class - Curly Maple double rocking chair

During my build your own chair course we snapped pictures and videos follow along as we build some hand sculpted Sam Maloof inspired rocking chairs

2014 Muskoka Arts & Crafts - Fine Woodworker Paul Lemiski BEST IN SHOW!

Recently in 2014 I was an exhibitor at the Muskoka Arts & Crafts Show in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.

I was honored to receive the award for best in show! (-:

Fine woodworking shop walk through

Follow Rick building his own hand made rocking chair!

Follow along with Rick while he works on building a beautiful rocking chair in time-lapse.

Making a sculpted dining chair seat

Follow along as I build and sculpt a Cherry with Ebony dining chair seat.

Build your own chair course day 5

Follow me as I walk through my shop during day 5 of my 1on1 build your own chair course.

Trestle table bent lamination & laser cut steel

In this video I'm showing the progress on a bent laminated table base design that incorporates laser cut metal as well as Canadian Black Walnut. I'm using a form which has the bend I'm looking to create, I then glue many lamination's together which have been cut on the band saw to about 1/16'' thick. With that thickness I'm able to bend the wood around the form, with glue between the layers of course. Once hardened the wood will retain the shape of the form. 

Thanks for watching!

How to apply bar top epoxy

Bar top epoxy application on a piece of live edge bubinga. I’m using a 2 part 2:1 ratio epoxy finish from System Three called Mirror Coat, this is a self levelling epoxy that will give about 1/16’’ thick perfectly clear protective finish. Have a look at how this finish get’s applied.

Fine Woodworking - Sculpting some custom dining chairs

In this video I talk about a reproduction dining chair i’ve been commissioned to build, the original was built in 1975 by Stephen Harris a local Toronto woodworker, sadly he passed in 1992. I use a kutzall shaping wheel as well as a rotary rasp, great tools that allow me to remove lot’s of material while being easy to control….. oh and they never wear out!

24’’ Wide Robinson & Sons jointer

Back from an auction, this 24’’ jointer built by robinson & sons followed me home, here i’m flattening a 20’’ wide piece of Cherry to be used as a side table top.

Natural edge walnut bowl time lapse turning

I don’t do much turning on my lathe, but I found some time to have a little fun. Have a look at this natural edge Walnut bowl I created.

Build your own rocking chair course

While my last student went through my 6 day build your own rocking chair course, I took many pictures, time lapse and real time footage. Starting after the boring milling stage we run through a few steps in my build your own rocking chair course.

Veneer panel vacuum bag press

In this time lapse woodworking video I'm using a vacuum bag to laminate 2 panels together, to create a single 3/8'' thick panel with Bubinga and Walnut on either side. 

Fine woodworking project update

In this video I'm walking through my fine woodworking shop discussing my ongoing projects as well as future projects. Thanks for having a look, enjoy!

Chair rail, chairs, stools, coffee table oh my

Bubinga live edge chair rail

Time lapse video of me working on a Bubinga live edge chair rail and sculpting a walnut and Birdseye maple bar stool

Polish bar top epoxy counter

I've been working on a custom home bar built from Bubinga and Walnut using solid and veneered wood. The counters will be protected from water using System Three Mirrorcoat a 2 part 2:1 epoxy finish that self levels and cures crystal clear.

I had to give the counter a light sand and through 400 to 4000 then used a 3 step polishing process to bring the counter back to a beautiful gloss shine.

Time Lapse Woodworking - How to ship a coffee table

I'm getting ready to ship a black walnut coffee table, this is how I build the crate that it ships in.

This is filmed using an I-phone and a time lapse app that takes one picture every 5 seconds, the images are then compiled at 10fps to create this video.

Time Lapse Woodworking - How to apply bar top epoxy

This is a time lapse video created using an I-phone on a tripod. 

I'm covering a recently finished bar top which is 2 5/8' thick live edge Bubinga in Three Systems MirrorCoat. This is a 2:1 epoxy that self levels and is completely clear, your able to remove bubbles with a blow torch. One down side is a 3 day cure time 90%,  100% in 7 days