custom rocking chairs woodworking videos


Resawing a 13'' tall 2'' thick Canadian Black Walnut board

First I throw on a new blade, I’m just using a 3/8’’ blade from our local band saw blade place called R&D Band saw supply they have great specials all the time…... ( maybe not so special ) LOL seriously though great prices for blades that cut like a dream.

After the tension is set correctly, I install the fence to the saw and set the thickness of cut, this is very easy to do because this fence has a nice micro adjust handle that allows 1/64’’ per turn of adjustment. I’ve added 2 pieces of mdf to create a taller fence I think about 8’’, to my surprise it has held up very well all I do is apply a coat of paste wax once in a while to repel moisture and give it a smooth surface to slide against.

I then set up our larger feather board which with this piece of lumber does not seem that big, and I begin to feed the board through the blade at a consistent moderate feed rate. I just reset the feather board and repeat no need to joint or plane the freshly cut surface. I am easily able to get 4 boards cleaned up to 3/8’’ from a 2’’ thick piece of lumber.

Chaise lounge prototype

This is a chaise lounge we’ve been working on, we designed it a few months ago but have been to busy to get to the actual construction. I’ve now spent a few days fabricating and I’m really excited as to the progress. So I made this cheesy video hope you enjoy.

Spinning custom walnut wooden rocking chair

This is a test of a jimmy rigged lazy susan mounted to a slow speed gear motor.I always have ideas running through my head about how to share my custom wooden rocking chairs and other pieces, this is one of the less refined ideas, but i’m happy my idea is going to work out well once I get the bugs worked out.

Hopefully soon I will build a dolly for the camera so the camera can move while the chair rotates.

This example is using a Walnut with Ebony plugs custom wood rocking chair, the chair is 80% finished but still needs much attention in the sanding and finishing department.
Hope you enjoy.

This is produced by taking 1 picture every second while the chair spins at about .1rpm I then crop and put the images together, for this particular shot I ran it at 50 frames per second.

Cajon drum session

3 friends of mine dropped by and have a little jam session on a few cajon drums i’ve been working on. Reid is a member of Watasun please check out there face book. The Cajon drums are either built from solid wood or baltic birch. These are called a string cajon which has strings on one of the playing faces to add a snare effect.

Reid is on the right in the video playing, have a look and listen to their music on his face book page.Facebook Watasun -

Custom wooden rocking chair arm shaping

We start by showing the Kutzall carbide grinding disc we use to do most of the sculpting on our rocking chairs, it is attached to a basic angle grinder. We then go to work, the arms start about 2’’ thick and also have a 1.5’’ thick transition block at the front leg arm joint. We want to remove the chunky look and be left with smooth flowing lines that your eye and hand will want to explore.

I then switch to a kutzall grinding burr attached to a Fordom grinding system. I use this wonderful tool at the arm to front leg joint and at the rear of the arm to leg joint. Very useful to smooth the rough lines of the angle grinder before moving on to sanding.

We love these Kutzall grinding discs and burrs, they never wear out, remove stock quickly and safely.

We then move on to the Festool RO 125, we especially like this sander because of it’s smaller size and stroke compared to the Festool RO 150. With this sander we can go right to 150grit sandpaper in rotax mode to remove stock quickly and accurately. When paired with a Festool Vac the dust collection must be near 99%, which is of course good for our lungs but also one reason the paper last so long!

Attaching a trestle coffee table storage compartment

In this time lapse, i’m building a trestle coffee table from Walnut. At this point i’m attaching the underside storage to the top of the table. The underside of the top and entire storage shelf has been sanded up to 500 grit and buffed with a wool pad to burnish and clean out the pores in the wood. What a shine one can achieve from just bare wood, its amazing, silky smooth!

First I measure and drill the holes for the 2’’ x 3/8’’ dowels that will attach the top to the underside. Next I place what is called a dowel centre in a few holes, align the top and place some downward pressure. What this does is mark the exact centre where the adjoining hole should be drilled to create a tight and most importantly aligned dowel in the adjoining piece. This process is then repeated for the remaining dowels, but when I mark the next holes I align it with the dowels that have already been drilled.

Next I get ready to glue and clamp the underside to the top, but first a dry fit to ensure everything goes smoothly when it comes to crunch time. Although you have 10 minutes to work until the glue starts setting up, you do want to get things together quickly and easily to avoid headaches and some extra eye brow sweat. Also i’m on camera so things have to work (-:

Time lapse woodworking - Applying a oil finish to a custom wooden rocking chair

We decide to set up our Nikon D-80 on a tripod to make a time lapse video. I have done a bunch of reading, how to’s and what not regarding time lapse with a Nikon. Just hook it up to a computer, in our case a Mac Book Pro use Nikons Camera control software. The software has time lapse feature built right with every setting you would need to adjust.

We setup the camera to take a picture every 5 seconds, then into Quicktime Pro at 15 frames per second. Anyways check it out, I think it’s really neat and will be making more videos in the future.