custom rocking chairs woodworking videos


Time Lapse Woodworking - How to ship a coffee table

I'm getting ready to ship a black walnut coffee table, this is how I build the crate that it ships in.

This is filmed using an I-phone and a time lapse app that takes one picture every 5 seconds, the images are then compiled at 10fps to create this video.

Time Lapse Woodworking - How to apply bar top epoxy

This is a time lapse video created using an I-phone on a tripod. 

I'm covering a recently finished bar top which is 2 5/8' thick live edge Bubinga in Three Systems MirrorCoat. This is a 2:1 epoxy that self levels and is completely clear, your able to remove bubbles with a blow torch. One down side is a 3 day cure time 90%,  100% in 7 days

Time Lapse Woodworking - Shaping maloof style furniture

This is a time lapse video of myself shaping my contrasting rocking chair seat and rocker leg joints using the Kutzall brand grinding wheels and rotary rasps.

Bubinga & Walnut Bar Update

This is an update of the Bubinga and Walnut live edge bar that I've been working on.

The bar is built with walnut cabinets wrapped in frame and panel from bubinga and walnut. The counters are bubinga the upper being solid 3'' think live edge!

Have a look, hope you enjoy (-:

Custom Woodworking - In the wood shop #6

After a long day in my custom woodworking shop, I take a walk through current projects I'm working on. A Custom Bubinga and Walnut home bar, 2 custom wood rocking chairs from Curly Big Leaf Maple and Cocobolo.

Thanks for having a look if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Re-sawing and Book Matching

Using a band saw I'm going to re-saw a solid Walnut board and 12'' tall and 1.5'' thick into 2 boards that will feature a beautiful grain book match. This board is to be used as the underside of a custom rocking chair seat.

Mennonite band saw sawmill log yard

I spend the day with my brother visiting different sawmills and log yards in Elmira, Ontario, Canada.

Maloof custom walnut sculpted display stand

This is a 3 tier walnut stand that is used to display product in a local store called Macmillians Frozen Food, they now have 3 pieces I have built for them. I had a little fun creating a video placing each jar on the stand then taking a picture I then compiled them into a show video.

Thanks for having a look!