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Timelapse Woodworking - Applying oil/resin finish to live edge bookmatched curly walnut coffee table

In this video, I'm applying my hand rubbed oil/resin finish to my coffee table top that i've recently finished. This top was created by resawing a 2'' thick live edge piece of Canadian black walnut. By cutting the board in half I create 2 boards that have a matched grain, when I fold the boards open like a book i'm left with 2 beautifully book matched boards featuring some really amazing grain and colours. 

Thats just the beginning, I then have to dress the wood and glue the pieces together, then attach the bottom section to the underside after finish sanding the 2 pieces. Once that's done I can finish sand the top and give the side a quick touch with a 500grit abralon sanding disc to break the edges and remove the grit on the live edge.

I hope you enjoy the video, application time took about 10 minutes and I let it soak for about 30 minutes before wiping off the remaining finish then I let it cure for 48 hours then I can continue to apply more coats till i'm satisfied.