custom rocking chairs woodworking videos


Build your own rocking chair course

While my last student went through my 6 day build your own rocking chair course, I took many pictures, time lapse and real time footage. Starting after the boring milling stage we run through a few steps in my build your own rocking chair course.

Veneer panel vacuum bag press

In this time lapse woodworking video I'm using a vacuum bag to laminate 2 panels together, to create a single 3/8'' thick panel with Bubinga and Walnut on either side. 

Fine woodworking project update

In this video I'm walking through my fine woodworking shop discussing my ongoing projects as well as future projects. Thanks for having a look, enjoy!

Chair rail, chairs, stools, coffee table oh my

Bubinga live edge chair rail

Time lapse video of me working on a Bubinga live edge chair rail and sculpting a walnut and Birdseye maple bar stool

Polish bar top epoxy counter

I've been working on a custom home bar built from Bubinga and Walnut using solid and veneered wood. The counters will be protected from water using System Three Mirrorcoat a 2 part 2:1 epoxy finish that self levels and cures crystal clear.

I had to give the counter a light sand and through 400 to 4000 then used a 3 step polishing process to bring the counter back to a beautiful gloss shine.